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A multitude of different work processes are required from the idea to the implementation of a new beverage project. When developing a taste, for example, the range between "tastes good" and "doesn't taste good at all" is often only a blink of an eye. The use of a milligram of a certain component decides whether it is good or bad. Can the product withstand the treatment of filling and what does it look like at the end of its shelf life? What are the legal provisions related to manufacturing and marketing? The good cooperation with experienced companies throughout Europe and the USA and the trustworthy interaction with the appropriate specialists is essential. 


Many factors play a role in ensuring that beverage development and production run smoothly. Different areas - also from different industries - have to work in perfect harmony with one another.

My consulting services cover the entire portfolio of the development process.

  • Filling technology

  • Finding the right bottler

  • Raw material purchasing / purchasing optimization

  • Proposals for declarations and label designs

  • Beverage concepts

  • Food law

  • Advice for startups

  • packaging


The most important decision when developing a new drink or taste is choosing the right ingredients. You will benefit from my many years of industry knowledge and my interest in new and innovative products on the market when purchasing ingredients. I keep myself up to date on the current price range of the raw materials and thus have a good overview of the best price / performance ratio.

  • Flavours (natural, nature-identical, organic / halal / kosher-suitable),

  • Fruit and herb extracts

  • Colours (natural, artificial and colouring extracts)

  • Fruit juices (concentrates, purees, NFCs)

  • functional ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine, inositol, glucuronolactone, ...)

  • Additives (preservatives, stabilizers, sweeteners)

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It's like preparing a good menu: the best recipe depends on the experience of the chef - and on the quality of the ingredients. My specialty is the creation of new recipes as well as the reworking of existing products. I develop new drinks, create samples for tasting and give recommendations for the declaration and final packaging. Upon request, I also improve and optimize existing recipes in terms of cost and quality.

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There are specialists for every part of your product - from the manufacture of the raw materials to filling, presentation, packaging and approval. In all these areas I have been working with countless companies in Europe and the USA for more than 20 years and can therefore access a large, reliable network.

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